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Spinner with motor (MODEL 2) for figure skating. OFF ice

Spinner with motor (MODEL 2) for figure skating. OFF ice
Spinner with motor (MODEL 2) for figure skating. OFF ice
Spinner with motor (MODEL 2) for figure skating. OFF ice
Spinner with motor (MODEL 2) for figure skating. OFF ice
Spinner with motor (MODEL 2) for figure skating. OFF ice
Spinner with motor (MODEL 2) for figure skating. OFF ice
Spinner with motor (MODEL 2) for figure skating. OFF ice
Spinner with motor (MODEL 2) for figure skating. OFF ice

Spinner with motor (MODEL 2) for figure skating. OFF ice   Spinner with motor (MODEL 2) for figure skating. OFF ice
This manual of the vestibular stability simulator (hereinafter referred to as the simulator) contains safety information and precautions. Please read the relevant information carefully. The simulator should be controlled by a qualified user or a professional. To avoid fires and electric shocks, please use the following guidelines: - Use only appropriate power cables: connect only cables and wires to the device according to the specifications and your local standard. Turn on the power cord carefully and correctly: before turning on, make sure that the control panel is set to zero speed. To prevent fire and electric shock, check the insulation covering of the power cord: the insulation of the wire must not be broken. Use a suitable fuse: use a fuse that only meets the specifications - from 5 to 10 amps. Do not try to specifically block the rotation of the simulator disk!

Do not open the serviceable device and do not expose the circuits and wires! If the device is not working, do not try to work with it! Basic requirements for operating conditions: Do not use the device in wet conditions!

Do not operate the simulator near flammable and combustible substances! Keep the device clean and in normal conditions! As part of the simulator has: 1. The drive pulley on the engine.

Platform on bearings, connected with a driven pulley, 4. The engine speed control unit. Information on the training process. The simulator trains the following skills and qualities: 1. The density of the group and its retention.

Control of the fusion of rotational movements in the jump. For this purpose, imitations of rotation are used in non-propelling conditions.

Training of vestibular stability in difficult positions of parts of the body and head. Working out rotations on two legs, on one foot in various combinations.

Questions of the training process. What is the weight of the simulator? - People weighing about 100 kg rotated on the simulator without fear of failure.

Breaking a simulator with a large weight is almost impossible, unless, of course, you use special efforts. At what age can a child be trained on a simulator? - First of all, not the age, but the degree of preparedness is important for training on the simulator.

In general, the simulator can train children from the age at which they begin to play sports. Is it possible to rotate couples on the simulator?

This helps train co-rotation skills. How to get up on the simulator? - It is necessary to put one foot so that the toe of the foot is on a rotating platform, and the heel is on the simulator cover. Thus, this leg will stand on a fixed lid and fix the rotating platform.

Then put the second foot on a rotating platform. And the third step is to move the first leg to the rotating platform. How to jump from the simulator? - The easiest option - after stopping the rotation, put your foot with the "Turntables" on the floor in the direction of travel. Then remove the second leg.

It is possible to jump simultaneously with two legs. In order to avoid injuries, we recommend you to work out the simulator with the Turntable turned off. How many and how often do you need to do on the simulator?

- This question must be answered individually. Obviously, the more often an athlete does, the faster the results will grow. But during the operation of the simulator, it turned out that too frequent classes do not bring more effect.

The best is considered to be classes once a day or every other day for half an hour or an hour, depending on the fitness of the athlete. Were there any deterioration in well-being during classes?

- Since the simulator forms a unique skill, pushing the boundaries of the persons limits, there may be some deviations in well-being. A coach during a workout is obliged to constantly ask the athlete about how he feels.

With signs of deterioration of health, dizziness, red spots on the hands, nausea, it is necessary for some time to interrupt classes. If the simulator wants to start a newcomer who is not an athlete, he must first consult with the appropriate medical specialist.

Is it possible to use weights on arms and legs during classes? To improve the effectiveness of classes, weighting can be used. Do the breaks at the simulator result in loss of skill? Rotation - an unusual type of movement.

Therefore, often, except as in a simulator, this skill is not practiced anywhere. Athletes who stopped practicing at the simulator lost their skill and reduced athletic performance.

Is it possible to eat before workouts on the simulator? It is best to practice on the simulator 2 hours after eating. What are the requirements for clothes and shoes for training on the simulator? - The usual sports, not constraining clothes. Shoes are better to take with non-slip soles. So it is easier to overcome the centrifugal force that occurs during rotation: the legs do not disperse. What medical indications should an athlete have to train on a simulator? - Medical indications that allow you to play sports are also shown for training on the simulator.

How much can you use the simulator per day? In the training mode, with regular pauses, the simulator can work without restrictions. Long-term service life revealed the strengths and weaknesses of the structure.

The drive kit and housing are practically not subject to wear. The service life of the motor in the factory parameters - 10 years.

Most often, the speed controller (control panel) of the simulator fails. Therefore, an additional controller is included in the package of the simulator.

Also often fails the fuse. Its replacement can be easily implemented. I will send in the coming days to your address. I work as a coach of special training in St. Petersburg Academy of figure skating.

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  • Model: Spinner model 2 (Rotation in both directions).
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Russian Federation
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Brand: Vertushka

Spinner with motor (MODEL 2) for figure skating. OFF ice   Spinner with motor (MODEL 2) for figure skating. OFF ice